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Aurora Shelving and Time 2 Speedfiles by Designed Environment Solutions is a member of the Aurora Storage Products Network of Premier Dealers. We are direct line dealers for Richards-Wilcox Office Products which includes Times 2 Rotary Speed file cabinets. Richards Wilcox Times 2 Speed file cabinets are also known as X2 rotary files or X-2 rotary files as well as Times Two rotary Speed file cabinets. Times 2 rotary file cabinets are the ultimate in medical filing and storage solutions. The rotating design of Times 2 Speed Files allows dual access of your file documents from one or both sides. Other filing systems can not match the flexibility of Richards-Wilcox Times Two rotary Speed files. Times Two is a great solution for HIPAA compliance and all of your medical filing needs.

We are also directline dealers for Richards-Wilcox Aurora Shelving Products. Aurora Shelving also known as Aurora Steel and ASP, is a leader in the manufacture of file shelving used in medical and business offices today. Aurora Shelving is the pioneer of four-post Quik-Lok shelving systems and the Gloss-Tek powder coat finish. Aurora Shelving is made to precise fit and finish standards and is perfect for any office. Aurora Shelving accessories include Tambour Doors, File Drawers and Retractable Doors which are excellent solutions to make any medical file system HIPAA compliant. Aurora Shelving also pioneered Wood Tek. Wood Tek is Aurora Library Shelving clad in beautiful wood. Wood Tek combines the strength of Aurora steel with the warmness of wood.

In addition to the above products, Designed Environment Solutions is also a directline dealer for Richards-Wilcox Aurora Mobile Products. Aurora Mobile can help you utilize your space more efficiently and Aurora Mobile Aisle eliminates the multiple aisles associated with static Aurora shelving applications.

Whatever your filing need be it medical or general purpose, with Times Two rotary Speedfile cabinets, Aurora Shelving and Aurora Mobile Aisle Systems, Designed Environment Solutions offers spacesaving, cost saving and time saving solutions to your needs.

Aurora Shelving Times Two Rotary Files and Aurora Mobile Aisle are available on Richards Wilcox GSA (General Service Agreement) contract GS-25F-0084M. Richards Wilcox offers this product at very attractive prices on GSA. Please contact us today and we would be glad to quote you GSA pricing on Times 2, Aurora Shelving, and Aurora Mobile Aisle.

In addition to our extensive product offering for storage and retrieval of filing documents, Designed Environment Solutions is also a distributor for Richard Wilcox Over Head Conveyor Systems and replacement parts. Richards Wilcox has been the pioneer of Over Head Rail and Conveyor Systems Since 1880. Richards Wilcox Pioneered the Zig Zag Conveyor System in 1938. Richards Wilcox has expanded that concept across four product lines:

Safe-Rail - Manual Push Over Head Conveyor Systems
Zig-Zag - Overhead Powered Chain Conveyor Systems
Twin-Trak - Side by Side Power and Free Overhead Conveyors
OveR-Way - Over and Under Enclosed Track and I-Beam Power and Free Over Head Conveyor

Whether it is a new Richards Wilcox over head conveyor system or replacement parts for a Richards Wilcox overhead conveyor systems, Designed Environment Solutions can help

We Service and sell Aurora Mobile Shelving and Times Two X2 Nationwide and in Canada specializing in Illinois Wisconsin Indiana Minnesota Iowa Missouri Texas California Idaho New York Washington D.C. Virginia Ohio Kentucky Pennsylvania North Carolina and South Carolina Arizona and Colorado.